Developing organic soap production – by Nadhia and Lina

Read below about Lina and Nadhia’s project “Organic soap”. We are always looking for new solutions on our way to become self-sustainable and as organic as possible. Currently we are using mostly baking soda or vinegar to clean our corridors, bathrooms and, to some extent, kitchen. However, we are still looking into making our own dishwashing soap and laundry solution. Nadhia, who is a chemist, and Lina (both from Brazil), took this project upon themselves. Wish them luck!

organic soap in the making

Nadhia and Lina:

The making of “ORGANIC SOAP” is a project that seeks to contribute to the improvement of life in communities, especially those with low-income population, by cheapening the purchase of cleaning supplies.

Thanks to this, the community can manufacture its own products quickly and with reduced costs. Besides that, it promotes environmental education with the main advantage of reducing environmental pollution and saving raw material, contributing to sustainable development.

One of the raw materials used to manufacture the organic soap is used (cooked) vegetable oil or animal fat. This kind of soap prevents the used oil contaminates from getting inside the water and the soil after discarding the residual oil as the kitchen waste. So, to solve this problem, it is very beneficial to reuse the residual oil that was used in cooking.

The soap can be used to wash dishes, clothes, bathrooms and floors.

The project encourages awareness of community to keep the oil, combat waste, avoid clogging pipes and environmental pollution. The homemade soap production allows the people to use only organic, known, components, and avoid unwanted elements such as chemicals and perfumes.

In Richmond Vale Academy this project will be developed by the students of Climate Compliance Team and it will contribute to the environment and the long-term goal of reaching self-sustainability by RVA.

Recycling oil means generating less waste and thereby contributing to a healthier environment, not only ensuring the preservation of our species, but also all forms of life on this wonderful blue planet, EARTH.

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Developing organic soap production – by Nadhia and Lina
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