Day by day in RVA – Max about his first 2 weeks

On June 30th the first members of the Climate Compliance Conference Team 10 entered the Richmond Vale Academy and stepped full of expectations over the threshold. This first day not counted on the program but was used to get the first contacts in the team and to get to know all the people living in RVA. Of course a little tour around the school guided by our teacher was included in this first day. Throughout the day more and more members arrived.

The first week started, which is called the “introduction week”. In this first week we learned everything about the school and how the life in it, and the team will pass, and what different tasks each of us must take during our stay here. Particularly the team responsibilities must be mentioned here because only if everyone participates and takes responsibility for the team a good cooperation can be guaranteed.

All Thursdays are days where everyone does things for the school. Also this Thursday was this the case. In the morning after breakfast all the people in the academy worked in our organic garden. Some of us plucked weeds out of the soil, others planted new plants in one of our greenhouses. In the afternoon all the different responsibility areas of the academy were introduced to us, because not only in our team do we have to take responsibility but also in the academy. In the evening it was the first time we participated in the common meeting. This is where the whole academy comes together and discusses problems or plans new actions.

Friday was filled with making a health protocol, getting a course about what the Climate Compliance Conference really is, and in the evening we had a very nice welcome party that other students have organized for us.

Saturday morning we had an interesting course and in the afternoon we went on a little hike to visit the Palm Trail and the Dark View Falls. To relax after this we watched the documentary “Home” in the evening. To finish the week there is only the free Sunday that needs to be mentioned.

The second week stood under the headline “Big issues of our time” but first we had to catch up the course to know about the school’s budget. After that we were introduced to the learning system the school uses called DmM and of course we got our first tasks. In the evening we had the pleasure to have a really good salsa lesson given by a guest couple. The whole Tuesday was then carried under the theme “carnival” and we drove to Kingstown to see this year’s parade and experience the local culture.

On Wednesday we went to the Dark View Falls again, but this time we were there for something totally different – we visited the hydro-power station that is being rebuilt after the Christmas flooding of 2013. There the responsible engineer, who by the way is a guest of RVA, explained to us how the station works. After this the day was marked by DmM studies. Thursday in the second week looked a bit different to the first one because our professional permaculturist Luke came and introduced the permaculture concepts to us. Later we made three new beds and worked at the organic banana field to make it ready for planting banana, vanilla and cacao trees. The day ended with a common meeting. On Friday we presented our different tasks from DmM to the rest of the team and had to make a conclusion out of everything in the afternoon. After that we watched the documentary “Food, Inc.” which showed us what kind of garbage we eat every day. The weekend was filled with organic garden action and a cultural night. Then there is only the beloved free Sunday missing.

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Day by day in RVA – Max about his first 2 weeks

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