Common Life at Richmond Vale Academy

The common life at Richmond Vale Academy is very different for other schools that you might be used to. Another kind of education now is more and more open for the world.
A new way of education promises an alternative way of gaining knowledge than mainstream or traditional education. Educational alternatives are often rooted in various philosophies that are fundamentally different. I believe that for achieving different goals of education and personal development an alternative education is one of the best ways to do that.

“Learning by doing” is a quote which you can hear very often at Richmond Vale Academy. Our Academy is the only one which has been found in the Caribbean.

Why is so special?

Well, first it promotes non- traditional education. The Academy shares the idea about the decentralization of authority and has the holistic view upon the world. Besides, the studies are based on the balance between the practical experiences and theory.

What else is so special about our school?

From the first day of RVA, it has been a place where people were living together, sharing their traditions, views and opinions. Due to this mix of culture and nationalities people were able to develop a unique and alternative place. The spirit can be easily felt until nowadays. People are living together and creating the alternative education together.

What does it mean?

Living and sharing the life creates the common life. It includes daily living which includes questions about the meal, cleaning and etc., studying together, gaining experiences e.g. by traveling together. Everybody also participates in common meetings,, where we all get a chance to express our thoughts on the garden, kitchen schedule and cleaning arrangements as well as any other topic that you might think of. Looking for volunteers for join you for a sports activity or what movie we are watching the following Saturday night. So basically, students are living and interacting with each other in every day due to the reaching goals in an alternative education.


How does it work?

Common life at RVA has several stages. Since RVA is a private school, all the expenses must be covered personally and through fundraising. To pay study fees and daily expenses is very difficult especially when it comes to travelling and actions in the community. That’s why both the teachers and students fundraise and students pay tuition. Besides, the school has big areas to take care of like kitchen, garden and etc. When all teams gather together we can do much more to maintain our college.

What it means for me as a student:

Studies are divided into different periods – 1 month RVA Climate Compliant, 3 months “The Future”, 6 months of Service Period etc. It mean that during the I am giving all energy I posses. My daily routine consists of breakfast and morning cleaning… After I have morning assembly where we meet all together and take a part in lecture about different important matters of our society and the world. In the afternoon we are with our teams taking part in different programs. I have St. Vincent Climate Compliant period, during which we study about St. Vincent and take action in St. Vincent in form on teaching, tree planting or recycling activites. We also have some time to relax, where I take a part in sport activities, dive or take a nature hike.

A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living
~ Rudolf Steiner ( – March 30, 1925)

An alternative way consist a lot of input from your side and initiative from your side to want to learn in the non-traditional way. So why not to try?

Try Common Life with Richmond Vale Academy.

Common is opposite to Individual.

It is only together we can change the world

Alone the World changes you.


Common Life at Richmond Vale Academy

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