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The Climate Compliance Conference is running for 10 years and new climate activist can start in March, July and November. Students join for 1 month or 6 months at a time. A small group of people from RVA together with a big group of people from St. Vincent aim to spearhead that St. Vincent become Climate Compliant by 2021.


The headlines for the 6 months climate compliance program:


PERIOD 1: GAIA WARNS YOU - 14 days: Courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans and what we can do together to adapt to the changing climate in St. Vincent.

PERIOD 2: DIGGING DEEPER - 14 days: Further studies and research. 

PERIOD 3: MAKING RVA CLIMATE COMPLIANT - 1 month: Develop the organic farm, implement projects like biogas, water harvesting, develop chicken production or recycling of grey water.  

PERIOD 4: MAKING ST. VINCENT CLIMATE COMPLIANT - 2 months: Teach in primary and secondary schools, community centers, businesses, community colleges, medical and teachnical schools. Create TV and Radio programs and publish articles in the newspapers in St. Vincent. Run GAIA Clubs where children and adults join to learn about sustainable living. 

PERIOD 5, 6, 7, 8: OUR NEXT LARGE ENDEAVORS, FOLLOW UPS AND OUR PROUD LEGACY - 2 months: Produce and distribute the Climate Compliancy Newsletter. Carry out a clean up competition between schools called "The world's cleanest country". Build a playground from tyres or other kinds of trash that needs to be recycled....

Establishing model garden farms with carbon storage in connection with new GAIA Clubs. Mobilize many people to join the action and end with a great green BBQ. Finally evaluate, conclude and hand over your experineces to the next team. Gather writings, reports, photos and videos and then arrange for a day at the Academy and a big farewell. 


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