Climate Change Activist – 6 Months


After experiencing the damages of several climate disasters, Richmond Vale Academy initiated The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference (CCC) 2012 – 2021 as a concrete contribution to St. Vincent getting ready for climate change. The CCC has invited more than 200 people from St. Vincent and across the world to participate in research, studies followed by concrete actions with the many Vincentians to make St. Vincent ready for climate change.


Global warming is serious and the poor will suffer the most. Saint Vincent is one of the poorer island nations in the Caribbean and one of the world’s most disaster prone countries. In 2014 extreme weather hit St. Vincent yet again and left thousands without public water, electricity and heavy destruction of roads, bridges and houses leaving hundred in shelters. The cost of these damages from this disaster alone equaled 17% of the small developing island nation’s GDP.

Global Warming also means longer periods without rain and a change in weather patterns so farmers no longer know when to set their seeds. Global Warming means that more water evaporates and this water will pour down in form of heavy rain leading to flooding and landslides which again destroys the centralized systems that secures public water and electricity to the people. The matter at hand is urgent. The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference works with the many ordinary people, community organizations, institutions and government bodies.

The CCC has so far impacted 50 000 people locally and abroad, planted 25.000 trees, assisted farmers in growing more sustainably, taught lessons to 15 000 students and community groups and produced a row of radio and tv programs plus distributed thousands of climate compliance newspapers.

You are needed in these efforts! The program offers an opportunity for you as a participant to have an impact on the environment and many people’s lives while at the same time developing yourself personally, academically and socially.


Period 1: Gala Warns you – 14 days

In this period you will have studies and courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans, Biodiversity and what we can do together to mitigate and adapt to the challenges of Climate Change.

Period 2: Digging Deeper – 14 days

In this period you will dig into the digital library and you will have your own individual organized study time. There are three major themes to choose from, these include, Climate Compliance Actions for Food and Water, Climate Compliance Actions for Energy, and Climate Compliance Actions for Protection Against Global Warming and Climate Change.

Period 3: Making RVA Climate Compliant – 1 month

In this period you will prepare and do your first task in making Richmond Vale Academy more Climate Compliant. Several projects have already been accomplished such as building a water reservoir, developing new compost system, construction a bio char kiln, planting corn and cassava, building chicken tractors and setting up a small bio gas digester.

Period 4: Making St. Vincent Climate Compliant – 2 months

In this period, from your base at Richmond Vale Academy, you will be reaching out to the island of St. Vincent and its people, sounding the warning, leading by example, mobilizing people for collective and individual actions, and throwing the anchor out into the future towards Climate Compliance for all.

Period 5, 6, 7, 8; Larger Actions, Follow Up and Evaluation – 2 months

In these periods you create projects with or for the many ordinary people lasting for an average of two weeks each. In the last two weeks you will summarize all your efforts, evaluate, share all your experiences with the next teams and have a great farewell celebration with all your new Vincentian friends.

“….The most important part of the arrival was still to come: Getting to know the people I would be sharing my life with.

After the formal introductions, I immediately became part of the group’s common actions: laughing, discussing, playing games and of course: working. Fortunately it could not be easier: everyone was so open and willing to make me a part of the group that it did not take long until I felt to be well integrated.

Besides the common activity in the group, the shared life at RVA is the major means to get to know everyone. Frankly spoken it brings you even closer to people than common work. When living together you do not only have to organise your life together regardless of any cultural difference, but you are also automatically confronted with different cultural habits and thus might find yourself talking about your backgrounds. You see people all day, eat with them three times a day, relax and work with them….”

Niklas from Germany.

“I have no words to describe such an amazing experience, since long ago I always wanted to do something like that but I just thought it was expensive and I left it for a future moment, as we use to do with many things in our life.

Then you realize you have spent your life purchasing stuff that you can’t even remember; and letting your money (and your time with it) run out of your hands for something that just brings you a fast, trivial sense of happiness, which flows away after each shopping experience…”
Vanessa from Spain.

“I arrived to the Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on a Saturday night after two days of travel and several flight scales – From Copenhagen to Glasgow, from there to Toronto, Barbados and finally to Saint Vincent….

…..Only when I wake up the next morning I was really able to see the school buildings and it’s surroundings were I could find horses, chickens and pigs, the organic garden and the fruit orchard… Later on, and because Sunday is resting day, we went down on a ten minutes walk to a very beautiful beach with black sand, warm and transparent water, where I could see the fishermen and their boats, swim and feel the hot and humid weather of the Caribbean islands…”
Ana from Portugal

Welcome to Richmond Vale Academy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

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