Climate Change Activist – 1 Month

The courses start in January, July and November.

The 1 month course was started in 2013 and by the end of 2016, 75 people had already joined.

This course is a great support to the over all goals of the St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021 and participants have taken several actions such as beach clean ups, tree planting, teaching, supporting farmers and airing radio programs.


Week 1 and 2: Studies about Global Warming and Climate Change

In this period you will have studies and courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans, Biodiversity and what we can do together to mitigate and adapt to the challenges of Climate Change. You will also learn how to grow vegetables and herbs, make compost and develop the RVA forest garden.

Week 3 and 4: St. Vincent Climate Compliant

In this period you will be reaching out to the island of St. Vincent and its people, mobilizing people for collective and individual actions such as planting trees, growing healthy food, teaching and carrieng out actions to stop pollution..

The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021 Month Course January 2017

Week 1 – Introduction and Garden Action

The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021 – Month Course

Week 2 – Climate Literacy Studies

The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021 – Month Course

Week 3 – Herb, Biodiversity & food security

Week 4 – Herbs, Bio Diversity & Banana Circle

One month at RVA changed my life.

I am a 33 year old Brazilian, publicist and musician. For 7 years I worked in communication agencies in the city of Belo Horizonte. There was a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and often I stopped work too late (05:00 a.m). Then I realized that I needed to stop and rethink my life. A friend told me about volunteer work. Bingo! That was what I needed: a new place, learning a little English, meet people from different countries. In 2013 I went to do the RVA program for f1 month. And that was enough to change my life. There I met and fell in love with Saint Vincent. Today, back to Brazil, I began a new life and I’m much happier.

Diogo from Brazil

Life-Changing! My time at the RVA was time well spent and significantly rewarding, even life-changing! RVA offers an enriching experience to interact, share, cooperate and learn from other people of different backgrounds and cultures. RVA’s core programs dealing with climate, environmental protection, food safety and natural and sustainable methods of farming and living are quite relevant and timely in today’s fragile and volatile economic conditions and in light of the increasing threat of the degradation of the Earth’s natural resources. As a past participant in the one-month Team’s climate conference program for mid-year 2014, I strongly believe that everyone needs the re-education that RVA offers, especially young people. It is critical that they understand the environmental challenges that we are faced with today and to be exposed to incredible knowledge on sustainable living and such things. The enthusiasm and energetic vibrancy of youth are the ingredients necessary to effect changes to ensure an improved quality existence for present and future generations. If you’re given this opportunity to be part of the RVA experience, it is unwise to let it pass.

SonJ from St. Vincent:

I found myself and I know who I am and my purpose in life. Following up on my achievements after my successful climate compliance course that I did right here at the RVA, which I would say is one of the top 5 institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

For all my readers and interested persons out there, who is interested in the 3 L’s. Long life, living sustainable and willing to Learn; RVA is the place to be. Since the completion of my course, many doors have opened for me. Opportunities keep coming, but I found myself, and I know who I am and my purpose in life. Which is to make this world a better place to live in, in terms of creating a sustainable way of living and promote eating healthy. RVA horray horray, Nice to know you’re here to stay.
Harlyn from St. Vincent

Welcome to Richmond Vale Academy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

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