Cleaning the beach in Petit Bordel

Petit Bordel is a nearby village with a small beach, where we like to dive because of its amazing underwater world. However, it’s very sad to see the beach in a really bad state – full of glass and plastic bottles, rusted metal and any other kind of trash you can imagine. That’s why we’d decided to go there and clean things up a little bit.

After a small mobilizing action we went there on Saturday, many young and older helpers were already waiting for us. Together with the members of the community we have picked 30 bags of trash in just 2 hours. And, as usual, had lots of fun doing it!

Why don’t you organize a cleaning action for your favorite area?

Special Thank You to the Central Water and Sewerage Authority in Kingstown for providing cleaning materials to the cleaners.

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Cleaning the beach in Petit Bordel
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