Building a Water Tower in San Isidro

Hi everybody. Let us shortly introduce ourselves. Our names are Cadu from Brazil,  Natsuko from Japan and Yannick from Holland. We are students in the Fighting with The Poor program that started in October last year. We were staying at Richmond Vale Academy until the end of March when we continued our program by traveling to Belize, where we are working in the Child Aid project with Humana People to People. We started working here in the beginning  of April and will stay here for 6 months in total.


We live in the community of San Isidro, a small and very poor and remote community in the South of Belize. We are working with education, with income generating activities and with livelihood actions for the families of the community. There is one project here that is particularly close to our heart.

In the first weeks since we arrived in this area a situation came clear where much help is needed – the primary school in San Isidro. A serious reconstruction is needed there but unfortunately the money is running out as we speak. There is still a lot of work, but one thing is the absolute priority: building a water tank on the roof of the school, so that the children will have access to clean drinking water when they are in school.

We need your help!

As you all know, the World Cup football is starting up very soon. So together with our teacher David, we have created a website where you can bet on the results of the coming matches of the World Cup. All of us are inviting our friends and we also would like to invite all of you to participate.

To bet on the World Cup, you would pay 10 $ to either on of our accounts. Our goal is to find at least 100 to 150 people to participate, which would raise about 1000 $ of funds. The first 5 winners of the pool can win up to 20% of the total amount of money that is collected by people’s participation. With the rest of the money, we want to contribute to the people here in our village, where the need is high. If there is any surplus of money we will use it for other necessary projects here in San Isidro.


How to Contribute?

We have set up a pool online where you can bet on the games for a small fee. The website where this takes place is

There is a sub league, called ‘san-isidro-worldcup’. You can make an account on the website and join the sub league. As soon as one of us receives the invitation and your contribution to the project in Belize, you get accepted in the pool.

We are hoping to receive many requests. Write us by using the contact form below and we will assist you in how to participate.


Want to help more? 

If any of you want to help more and also want to invite their football-loving friends, please let us know. Then we can help you with an invitation letter and instructions on how to participate.

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Building a Water Tower in San Isidro
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