Belize Experience


Let’s start with some general information.

My name is Keith Yarwik, from Colombia doing a 18 months program at Richmond Vale Academy about fighting poverty. After my first 6 months in SVG, studying and preparing for the service period as a Develop Instructor (DI) in Belize. This article is about my  thoughts, ideas, dreams and expectations for my Belize experience.

High expectations, but mostly quiet

Future projects, dreams and realities will come each in his time. I had been studying 6 months different subjects, done projects in local communities and in gardens to prepare me for what was to come. Everything I had done thoroughly; especially in this process I understood what life had prepared me to reach a different state of consciousness. I could see more clearly the things that happened around me; make sense of facts, attitudes as eel l as the environment that will guide me along the way I decided to build every day.

Belize experience

I had several ideas where to start, however until you actually get there and see the conditions and who and what you will be working with it was difficult to proceed with the project! But of course this at the moment what will be done is an introductory meeting in the community, for which I wish to speak first with the people in charge of the community. To set certain standards and understand the broad strokes and proceed to act future actions. This means that I must move in the early days to address these people and go clarifying terms!

We conducted a survey for each family in the community, for our future projects to generate a database, log and map of the community. Which I thought would perform the public meeting and give us a introduction to the community. From the information we received we spent two weeks putting all the information about the community, the summary, report and map of the community. It was hard work, but it age us a clearer idea on what our focus areas would be.

Keith-in-BelizeCommunity work

As for the garden, we began with the creation of “compost“, easy access to natural and good compost is basic need for every garden. Since we know that a good process takes 3 to 6 months, we wanted to accelerate the process and we would rely largely on our own products! Our idea was to show an example of local self-sustainability, because the use of chemical produced fertilisers and pesticides are not sustainable. As for the beds we started a lasagne bed, a garden bed which consists of cardboard, paper and compost. Another bed will be directly on the land, looking for a balance between the clay of the ground, as we know by previous research. Creating an effort to begin planting and distribute seed. This took much time, so in the beginning of our service period we spent much time building and establishing facilities required for the garden and our home.

At the same time the realization of the survey we will start with the talks, research for a medical check-up, a open day to the whole community. Several entities, such as hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies … All kinds of medical contact relating to involve the first medical check-up. The idea is to take the information to define activities, classes or to create ways to solve health problems in the community, both personal and communal. The plan was that health check ups was to be made every 3 to 6 months, this will make corrections easier, it will mean monitoring and review alternatives. If successful, the check ups will be encouraged at least 2 to 4 times per year. Leaders seek and set specific dates for the community to come together to those future check-ups. As for the direct educational part, then we will look at the medical check. We are confident that the theme of nutrition it will be a important fact, for the future reference.

Another idea to make and will surely be the procedure to adopt, is to talk to the directors of the schools and request permission to invite students to play and / or practice sports after classes … So in this way start the mobilization community through the encouragement and enthusiasm of children … As always remember, ask and are more aware of what catches their attention and to hook them through play; I consider it the best way.

Social club ideas

We had several plans for social clubs, kid’s club, youth club, women’s club as well as farmers club. Search, identify and proceed with community leaders. For the future this will encourage communities to spread knowledge, values and ideas. Distributing them with facts, actions and crafts how use these tools to work together as a community. Everything comes easier exchanging activities, knowledge, products, things in general! Going back a bit to the days when money paper was not the only way of negotiation.

After Thoughts

In the beginning there were many ideas, projections and thoughts, everything became totally different when starting the projects. Because there at the village the Health Centre was well organised, community leaders were not that active, but any way village leaders well organised. Active woman’s group well organise, school with a schedule well organise. So, we started over, we made new plans, new actions and activities. It was a good challenge to work and rework on the same few times over and over again. Life lessons as well as experience!

Now as a Develop Instructor DI. I sit on the ability to proceed as such. But what they don’t know is that I will use the experience and my knowledge to build and construct, turning dreams in reality! Or perhaps it is that they are! To be used as a tool. As many years I have been in the hands of the creator. I have used my ideas  as a tool to through my actions, facts, opinions and words in general messages arrive to land at persons who cross my path. It may just be a hello or a smile … Only an action will be enough to make a change! Every action has consequences!!!! I give my all and more to act always with passion and from my heart.

Future Plans

As well as talking about my mind and finding out my future. Every day I have a clearer picture of what I want and where I’m going. It is obvious that everything can change in the blink of an eye, but when we have defined our North. it will take us in the direction of the destination; which will arrive destination … But never will no longer be a destination. Always in front and many call it the famous FUTURE! It is to live in … But if there is to be waiting!!! This are one of my favourite words … Here I am, and that I live; I enjoy it as never … It’s the last second that I can be!!! Every moment is my last moment!!! When I understood that … That, that was what opened my mind to build, plant to collect … but … Sow Pickup present … future … No! The point is that never stop planting … And never stop collecting!!! Everything good, fair, bad … Everything is to collect, analyse, learn, enjoy and reuse in planting … Yes! All at the same time… I called last second! … Is cool to look back at the past and see that time so short, that you noticed that already goes away!!! And having that feeling that it seems like only yesterday that I met you and now they’re several years from that!!! Which makes this project started and we will fulfil other dreams … The pleasure of the action accomplished! Simply it is tops!!!

Leaving footprint where pass! Always printed with heart and love! And if it is with love … it should be well done!

Written by Keith Yarwik

Belize Experience
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