Be aware of where your bananas come from!! – by Natsuko Kamijo

Banana Industry and the poor

When I was in Belize as a volunteer, saw a lot of people woke up very early in the morning, usually 4 am, and walked to the main street to catch the workers bus. After a while I knew the situation surroundings banana farm workers, there are unregistered child labor and only get paid 25 BZD (12 USD) a day.


Some people say, well this situation exists in all over the world, and we cannot do anything about it, we are powerless….. True, actually it seems almost impossible to change the circumstances created by huge cooperation.


I ended up with the conclusion that main action that we can do is to buy fair trade bananas which bring better living conditions to the small scale farmers. And most important thing, BE AWARE and SHARE IT!! Only 15 minutes of search can give you a lot of information, so I would be very happy if you became the one who’s aware. Thank you J

Here are some links about Banana industry.

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Be aware of where your bananas come from!! – by Natsuko Kamijo
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