Banana Weekend!

Another building weekend in the history of RVA has finished! Usually every 2 months the students and teachers come together and spend a weekend renovating/building something for the school together. This June we were few, but managed to complete 2 main tasks.

One team has spent the whole weekend cleaning, scrubbing and painting floors of 9 rooms. The difference is huge, the rooms look like new!

Another team was cutting down a little jungle behind the hiking center. The team has cut about 15 trees, put away big trunks for bio char and shredded smaller branches into nutritious and moist-keeping mulch for the future organic banana (cacao, vanilla, gliricidia…) farm – permaculture style, of course – that’s going to be planted there soon.

Last but not least, a kitchen team has been working hard to fill the breaks with delicious snacks, such as homemade banana ice cream, vegan chocolate cake or fresh lemonade.

Altogether it was a productive weekend, with everyone giving their best, and accomplishing a lot and having fun, as usual.

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Banana Weekend!
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