An Untold Story – a poem

An Untold Story

Thirteen years old – so young, yet so mature
Every day goes: first garden, work, then school.
Six little siblings: three sisters, three brothers
Takes care of them often, in absence of father.

Charismatic, handsome, always there to help
Has such big ambitions – but nobody cares.

Wants to go to high school, become a policeman
But there is no money – this is how dreams end.

How many dreams are there in the world?
How many young boys, their stories untold?

Think about them sometimes
When your life goes wrong:
Thirteen year old boys,
Out there on their own.

Fighting for their future –
What they want the most!
But so many of them
Have already lost.

Don’t let them disappear,
Perish from your thought:
Thirteen year old boys,
Their stories – untold.

An Untold Story – a poem
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