1st period of our 18 months program Fighting With The Poor By Zdenka

Honestly? I haven’t been expecting that much. And by saying “that much” I mean lot of gained knowledge and skills I was thinking I am not capable of gaining.

Since every story has a beginning, let me begin mine here on the island of Saint Vincent at the RVA yard by explaining what the Fighting with the Poor program really means. Well, to be honest with you, I don’t know it either! This is a first half year period of our 18 months journey where nobody knows what to expect at the end. All I know is that even if we are learning all our life some periods might seem lot more intense. No doubt this is definitely one of them. But let’s be clear- life would be boring place without us challenging ourselves. At least time to time. Many people love to be where they feel safe, but how would you have ever known what you can become if you would have stayed where you think your limits are?sunflower

Fighting with the Poor program is one and a half year hallenge to fight the poverty. Poverty is a huge global issue we cannot stay ignorant about any longer. There are many organizations in world helping to fix the problem, but obviously it cannot happen from one day to another. We all know it could have been better with a blink of the eye of the tiny group of people in power but let’s not count on them this time. What is needed the most are the people willing to help to get the other people into better conditions as in which they were born at.

Our time is very well spent here. We wake up really early, not necessarily because we have to, but trust me, those peaceful sunrises here can really kick you on! We start with breakfast, than we have either common action – which is action we all participate in – or our own study time. We get credits for the studies and the reward at the end is not primarily the certificate we get from One World University in Mozambique (which collaborates with our mother-shelter organization Humana People to People) but most importantly is it the change of our whole perspective of what the reality of today’s world is. Once you know all of this, you just cannot go back to your old roots and live your life as you used to. You are no longer ignorant, you are passionate for the change forever. Even the minor ones count!

Along the studies me and my teammate Jocelyn are gaining lot of countless practical skills- gardening, maintenance, languages, baking (my first baked bread was born here!) and many, many others. This is crucial part of the first period of the program because it help us to get prepared for the service period in community outside the island. Yes, you can never be 100% prepared for what is waiting for you outside, but this is the most exciting and challenging part of the program. Service period is a second half year period of the program and we are looking forward to work (with all the pleasure that’s for sure) out in Ecuador – as we have chosen this beautiful country for our next challenge. What this period contains? We will work there on the several projects, all for one goal: to help the families fulfill their needs, educate them, show them sustainable ways of living and possibly create the ways for any sort of income, make the women or kids club, see what is needed in the community and make it happen. But most of all to show the people THAT WE REALLY CARE. That’s what the life supposed to be about right? TO LOVE AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER. This is all humans purpose in life. Lets keep it on mind. Because the days are much more brighter when you care.

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1st period of our 18 months program Fighting With The Poor By Zdenka
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